Hi, I'm James Wright

An experienced web development specialist with experience across the whole project lifecycle

Currently working for Capita Employee Benefits on the Orbit benefits SaaS platform, I am a user interface expert with a keen eye for detail regardless of the size of project or budget that I am working on.

About James Wright

Core skills

web development with consideration over web standards and quality code.



Seasoned javascript developer, with extensive knowledge of various javascript patterns. Three years experience of object orientated JavaScript programming.

Experience with using AngularJS and Backbone in enterprise environments.


Expert knowledge of building well structured websites and web applications using semantic HTML.

Using a range of HTML5 APIs for richer user experience, including the geolocation and history APIs at m.lastminute.com


Pixel perfect, cross browser CSS. A fan of progressive enhancement to enhance the interface with complex CSS features for browsers that support them.

4 years + of CSS preprocessing using SASS, using and writing custom mixins and object orientated CSS for ease of maintenence.


Frameworks, tools and methodologies

Javascript and Node based

  • Actively developing with AngularJS to create a new UI application in my current employment.
  • Javascript build and task automation using Grunt, and working knowledge of Gulp
  • Front end dependency management using Bower
  • Yeoman for bootstrapping UI applications, including authoring custom Yeoman generators
  • Working knowledge of Backbone.js through employment with lastminute.com
  • Jasmine, Karma and Protractor for javascript unit and end to end testing


  • 4 years + of CSS preprocessing using SASS, Bourbon.io and Compass
  • Advocate of BEM (Block, Element, Modifier) CSS
Responsive design
Responsive design

User experience

  • Guru of Human-Centered Design (HCD), which is a process and a set of techniques used to create new solutions for the world.
  • Experience with paper based prototyping to gain feedback and iterate designs effectively and quickly.
  • Expert at using Balsamiq, a low fidelity wireframing tool to quickly create, present, and elicit feedback on designs and ideas.
  • Intermediate knowledge of the Abobe Creative Cloud suite, primarily Photoshop and Illustrator, to create web graphics, scalable vector icons, and high fidelity mockups.
  • 3 years of user testing experience techniques, ranging for guerilla testing to iterate feedback quickly, to formal lab based user testing sessions.

Development methodologies

  • Certified Agile Developer, with many years of exposure to agile development practices (Kanban and Scrum), including role as Scrum master in previous teams.

What have I worked on recently?

A number of projects across business sectors and disciplines

Orbit benefits